Monday, 25 August 2014

Some Exciting News: A Name Change + Moving to Wordpress

Hello all you lovely people, today I'm going to share with you some very exciting news! Before starting uni next year, and not being able to blog as often (or at least I assume), I've deiced to take the plunge and move to self-hosted wordpress! With this comes a wonderful new design that is being designed by the lovely Hazel of Stay Bookish, a new name (I had problems with my old domain registrar, so was forced to give the name Paperbacks & Protagonists up), which fits in wonderfully with the new design, and a lot of work today re: formatting posts. However, it's something I'm very excited about and I look forward to seeing you all over at my new blog. This will be my last post on this blog, so thank you all for making my first 6 months of blogging a wonderful experience.


  1. I'm so excited/happy for you! Wordpress (albeit a bit difficult to get used to for the first few days) is so much better than Blogger in my opinion. Although the themes aren't as changeable (I haven't paid for a theme though, so that's yet to come) I find it easier in general to post, and the look is much sleeker than Blogger.

    I'll definitely be following your new blog (: Good luck with the reformatting!

    Tori @ Bookish Affairs

  2. Ooh you'll love Wordpress! I haven't met a single person who has regretted the move even though its rather pricey for the domain name and hosting etc. :)


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